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Hi my name is Brian Kocher and welcome to Clean Kutt Productions. As you can see family is everything to me.

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Passion, Talent, Art Lovers of Music. Have fun looking through our display.

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Brian Kocher
Master Creative Director

Upcoming 100.com Interview
Upcoming 100: How did you initially become interested in pursuing a career as a music artist, and what inspired you to follow this path?
That was simple, hard core rhyme schemes from Wu-Tang Clan. I was instantly hooked. The syllable switch up was all I needed to jump start my writing skills and freestyles on the daily. I focus my music and drive it toward positivity. I never cuss in my music. No derogatory statements etc..  The inspiration was the time of learning, progressing and achieving goals set up to get better. I became infatuated on how to make the beats I have been flowing over for years.

Clean Kutt's Upcoming 100 Exclusive Interview

Clean Kutt's Big Interview,
Big O's Top 20 Countdown Season 8 Special guest Clean Kutt will publish May 24, 2024 at 3:00 am stay tuned!! https://www.spreaker.com/episode/big-o-s-top-20-countdown-season-8-episode-39--59130896

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Just a few beats on display. Once were on consignment. The volume and creativity begins.

Positive Hip Hop is my forte. I now have 25 Years experience as a Producer, Song Writer, Rapper and Engineer. Passion over skills all day. Good old, clean fun is how Momma raised me.

I am also your creator for music commercials, jingles and more.

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Crumbs / Clean Kutt

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SoCal Energy Power / Clean Kutt

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Passion Over Skills / Clean Kutt Feat: Mirk Beniah

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Fitted Caps and Snap Backs/Clean Kutt

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Run Them Tracks/Clean Kutt

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Bangers On Deck / Brian Kocher AKA Clean Kutt

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